Mercedes-Benz Genuine Bumpers, Bonnets & Guards

Genuine Bumpers, Bonnets and Guards

Many new Mercedes-Benz Models Genuine Bonnets and Guards are made from aluminium, and offer stability and durability.

Due to their aluminium construction, our bonnets are often significantly lighter than their non-genuine counterparts. Did you know that the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Bonnet for the W212 E-Class is 14.5kg lighter than an aftermarket non-genuine counterpart?

To save on costs, non-genuine parts are often manufactured from cheaper steel – with possibly dangerous consequences. Due to the greater weight of a non-genuine bonnet made from steel, this may become dangerous because the Mercedes-Benz genuine hinges and gas-pressure struts are designed to account for the original type of construction of a Mercedes-Benz Bonnet. More weight on the vehicle also means higher fuel consumption.